Tonoli Services


Dyeing: Heavy Articles

Socks and tights in cotton, acrylic, microfiber and various blends. Underwear and normal clothing. Processed in high-tech rotary machines.

Dyeing: Nylon stockings

Dyeing of crumpled socks and pantyhose. Ironed in "Wardrobe" type equipment. High attention to the bagging and finishing of the articles to preserve the stocking of the sock.


Dyeing: Morbidone

Dyeing of MORBIDONE articles with a super soft and stretch effect, highly technological machinery to best treat the item.

Dyeing: Yarn

Nylon yarn dyeing in skeins or perforated cones, possibility of preparing the focaccia or inner reels.


Dyeing: Special treatment - Anti-astringent / Anti-peeling / Water-repellent / Fulling

Anti-felting treatment for wool articles, such as stockings, sweaters etc. Anti-peeling treatment on cotton garments. Water repellent treatment for socks or safety clothing. Follatura with various types of fabric softeners.


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