Tonoli Mission


We are an ARTISAN company, as we take care of every detail and treat your goods as if they were ours. Our strength lies in the continuous and constant belief in investment in production technology, we prefer to invest in something that makes your product look great. This has always been our forte , Always striving for perfection through hard toil.

Since 1969, when the founders Tonoli Giovanni and Lupatini Clotilde, we have been constantly evolving, adapting to the fashion markets needs. We started with a small dyeing factory where the garments were washed and treated for the public, the first dyes were done on leather garments and then during the 80s an increase in the market demand meant that the company took on an industrial character.

Since 1990, with the entry of their sons, Michele and Nicola, it has been possible to take a giant leap forward, the generational shift has been an added value, with new thrusts on investment in innovation, the desire to expand and look at new markets, the euphoria of the success story and also the ability to overcome the crises years that hit most of Italy.


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The First company was created ‘Tonoli Dry Cleaner’ - The founders were Tonoli Giovanni and Lupatini Clotilde who embarked on this adventure, starting with the washing of garments and starting with the dyeing of leather garments for individuals.

Industrial expansion of the Tonoli Drywash, a new path begins that leads to an increase in production, with new machinery and an investment in specific manpower for dyeing.

The Tonoli Industrial Laundry is born, with the entry of the sons into the company, Michele and Nicola, who changed the company footprint, starting to look at new markets, introducing industrial garment dyeing, acquiring new customers such as Knitwear, Stocking factory and Spinning, the growth in new buildings and new machinery, not least the investment in automation.

Complete transformation, TONOLI SRL moves into its present factory as the continuous expansion requires new spaces and covers a new area of ​​12000 square meters. New technological purifier, continuous and constant research of products with lower environmental impact and the approach of new foreign market sectors.


Tonoli Vision


Today TONOLI is one of Italys’ market leaders especially for yarn, tights, stockings and sportswear dyeing. We speak though our Colours: the advanced technical skills and the specific attention we devote to each individual customer leads us always to supply the right solution . We are dynamic and at the complete disposal of our customers. See us not just as an ‘Industrial Dyeing Factory’ but as also as a part of your production process.

Tonoli Respects the environment


Over the years a Quality System has been implemented in compliance with international regulations, with relative certification.

In order to improve the standard of services offered and, at the same time, reduce the environmental impact, in the testing phase a totally biocompatible washing system is used, which does not require the use of surfactants and other pollutants.




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